About us...

We develop respecting the balance of the game designed by standard Mojang. So you will not find on this server, changes impacting the core of the game. So you can play with the game "Minecraft Standard", with no prerequisites ("mod" or textures)

We codes our own plugins, to adjust our ideas as close as Minecraft possibilities. And we optimize the performance of our server, we can engage on clean code, not buggy, and we are autonomous in the update of our plugins so you can enjoy the latest version of minecraft!

We are particularly sensitive to the ergonomics of the game. So our plugins are not based on text commands which are sometimes complex. We deported all the features on the website. These are offered in your account, to make them easy to use and very visual. The only commands you may be required are teleportations commands : "/spawn", "/bank", "/home"

We try to develop plugins that allow you to do not depend on the availability of an admin. For registration, for example, you can register and log in few minutes without having to submit your CV. We will nevertheless delighted to personally answer your questions if you ask for;-)

We are constantly coding new features, help us by providing our comments on the forum, or contact form!

Mr Blocksandgold
See you soon... On blocksandgold minecraft free server…


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