blocks and gold for dummies

Blocks and gold is a Minecraft server©, enhanced with a web interface, providing some strong social and economic dimensions. To play Minecraft, you first need to buy and download the Mojang official client interact simultaneously with the game server.


  1. Create an account : Player name, password
  2. Log on the Minecraft game client, and in the multiplayer mode, enter the server name Then “join”… You enter in the minecraft blocks and gold world… You can also join directly the EN serveur at

Keep the website open and open the dynamic map. You will then be able to easily locate your avatar!

  1. When you first connect to the game, you start inside a giant obsidian block, and a path will guide you to the fresh air
  2. There are 2 types of environment in game : the Wilderness and the private or on sale Territories.

Start with buying your territory to protect your buildings, because in the wilderness, the only rule is that there is no rule !

You need 3000 golds to buy your first territory and be safe at home. Each player can have 2 territories.

  1. Rush in the wilderness and start collecting your blocks. You may visit inhabited territories to meet friends and discover settlement of other players.
  2. Sell your blocks ! You need to :

a)       Go to the bank ingame (/bank for TP),

b)       Open the web interface blocks and gold (, and connect (if not memorized) to your account

c)       Open your inventory, select the items you want to sell and earn you gold 

d)       Buy a territory when you reach 3000 gold. Buy any item or blocks…

e)       Back in the game, your inventory is already updated and the territory you just bought carry your name.

When you’ll have done those 6 points, you will understand our blocks and gold concept, specifically interaction between website and game client.

More functionalities to discover :

  • Create a friend list and shared teritories
  • Promote your land with “Like” signs
  • For the warrios, check your PVP score
  • For the workers, level up dozens of jobs

Use the tchat from the online map, and communicate directly with your ingame friends !
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