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Blocks And Gold News !

Our minecraft server News !

Community: Earn money and likes with your Youtube videos (territory page)

Server : The Lobby is Open, with help and server portals (bungeecords)

World: Far Wilderness, you don't loose life when you go too far, but this zone is reset every days (search for the mushroom island)

Community: The Premium Shop is Open : +1 territory / +50000 Gold and a cloak as a welcome gift !

PVE: You can score 24/24 7/7, common animals are not anymore protected species

PVP: You can no longer earn points by killing much weak than you

Launcher: Update to 1.5.2 + du mod pack (rei minimap / Optifine / Better Animation / Cape pour les premiums)

Server : Update to 1.5.2 bukkit beta

Levelling: Levels Like / PVP / PVE are displayed in-game (+ better level in the chatname)

Territories : Territories go back to the back if his owner don't join with a period of 100 Days

Community: Automatic Email to warn players 1 week before the terrritory goes back to the bank

Website: New territory Page

World: The bank moved to the green island, portals, spawn moved to the bank

Bugfixes and Technical Updates: Concurrent access crash

Jobs: Optimization, alerte for shift key, inventory grid works, Achemist job bugfix




Launcher : Update to 1.5.1 + rei minimap, /launcher to get the URL

Launcherr : Portable Minecraft for USB Key or Dropbox

Server : Update to 1.5.1 bukkit alpha

Server : Orebfuscator removed, impossible to mine under layer 50 without the launcher

Registration : /register to get the registration link with a pin code and the username (against robots)

Grief: /kill removed

Social: Censorship on the Chat with warning level before temp ban

Event: Hungergames Map rotation : 3 maps, pirates, ulqui map and survivalgames

Event: Hungergames World

Event: PVP event and PVE event are separated

Event: XP protection during events

Levelling: 3 axes of levelling with xp and levels for PVP, PVE and LIKES


Launcher : Update to 1.4.7, optifine and rei's minimap update

Launcher : Add CraftGuide Mod, Press G key !

Launcher : Anti cheat transparent textures packs (we will remove orebfuscator soon)

Server : Upgrade to 1.4.7, dynmap update

Server : Fix against random crash that happened once a week - Thread unsafe code

Community : The signature is more forum friendly : better size and better url

Territory : New command /kickzone to kick someone from your territory (for every terrirory owner)

Economy : The prices of Crafted Items are calculated from the prices of the elements that compose the recipes

Website : New design for the item page with Job and Recipe of the item

Website : New design for territory page

Website : New informations on the player's sheet : time on server, country of the player etc...

Security : Protocol ban against bad guys. Automatic full ban if too many connections attempts, hack attempts. And manual command for GM

Website : SEO for the website to have more visitors


Community : Vote for the server and earn your reward even if you are offline (500 G)

Community : A new forum signature for everybody available on your playersheet

PVE : Load of trash mobs at PVP time in the arena

Chat : Small bugfixes, and you can change the channel without typing a message

Help : Kinds of robots that can provide help for newcomers. A kind of "treasure hunt"

Community : Youtubers, you can put a youtube video on your territory page !

Social : 3 new forums : Server list / Technical questions / Youtube Vid

Grief : Frames and Iron Golem protection added

Fun : Orange name over your head if you are using the launcher

Website : A new player sheet displaying your personnal stats

2012-12-05 : Territory: White Island is closed. It's not possible to buy a territory in this Island anymore

2012-12-05 : Chat: Local Chat by default (/w and *)

2012-12-05 : Smart TP: /warpp will help you to find (and reach) a player in-game (alias tp tpa tpahere)

2012-12-05 : Social: New like rules and weekly like contest

2012-12-05 : Website: New hall of fames scorebooards on the website

2012-11-19 : Launcher : Update to 1.4.5

2012-11-19 : Server : Update to 1.4.5 beta

2012-11-19 : Social : Country on the join message and on the /player command

2012-11-19 : Help : /help command

2012-11-13 : Economy : 1-click purchasing packs released : food packs, pvp packs

2012-11-10 : Launcher : Update to 1.4.2

2012-11-10 : Server : Update to 1.4.2 beta

2012-11-05 : PVP : New scoreboards. PVP and PVE scores are separated.

2012-11-05 : Economy: Infinite stocks. Sell price = buy price

2012-11-05 : Economy: Prices change every day depending on the trades

2012-10-28 : PVP : Visitors are protected against PVP

2012-10-28 : Anti-Cheat: Blocks and Gold Launcher. Mandatory for PVP or kill powerfull mobs.

2012-10-28 : Grief : Your guests cannot put or remove blocs on your territory while your are not online (they still have access to your chests or levers)

2012-10-28 : Grief : Add Brewer protection. (potions cannot be stolen anymore)

2012-10-28 : Economy : No more items for sale at 0 Gold

2012-10-28 : World : Green island is Open with a new growth system. Wilderness reset.

2012-10-10 : Moderation : New tool for Game Moderators. Grant a GM temporarly

2012-10-10 : Grief : Lava use is logged (player and position)

2012-10-05 : Community : Best reward for voting : Diams, Gold or Emerald

2012-09-22 : Social : Use the 3rd line of the LIKE sign to personalise the LIKE message

2012-09-22 : Social : Use LIKE sign to advertise your territory (announcement)

2012-09-22 : Moderation : New tools for Game Moderators. TP to visitors, GM messages, Red Writing

2012-09-20 : Jobs : 6 Jobs, 5 level = 30 levels to farm. Craft to upgrade. 1 special power per Job.

2012-09-10 : Economy : Prices change every day depending on stock : check the "Universal price ID item list" and become rich...

2012-09-10 : Economy : Need a torch or a bed in a deep cave far away in the wilderness ? You can buy from anywhere

2012-09-05 : Territory : Upgrade your territory with a teleport open to everybody and fly for your friends

2012-09-01 : PVP : PVP is OFF all around the world (even in the wilderness). PVP is ON during the 5 minutes PVP

2012-09-01 : Grief : Add protection against trample on Crops

2012-08-26 : Fun : Random mob spawn at the Arena when a player votes for the server

2012-08-05 : Social : Private Mail (PM) notification in minecraft

2012-08-05 : Fly : See Merlaf territory, a Air Arena.

2012-08-05 : Collaborative projects : See Merlaf territory, minimum of 2 owners online to unlock the protection.

2012-07-31 : TP Spawn : : /spawn tp you to the monolith (spawn of "world") even if you are in the Nether or The End.

2012-07-31 : Special Items : Villager (NPC) Eggs : Add Villager Egg at Bank (and Villager protection in territories)

2012-07-30 : Help : : Add announcements for each ranks. A list of announcements to help visitors (only visible by visitors)

2012-07-29 : Grief : Add jukebox protection. (disks cannot be stolen anymore)

2012-07-29 : Boss - Enderdragon : World The End reset every day. Are you strong enough ?

2012-07-19 : Grief : Protection against visitor grief and Creepers around the Island. Game Moderators can modify Near DMZ, and Registered Far DMZ

2012-07-19 : Chat : Chat is disable for visitors if they are more than 5 online (/tell only)

2012-07-12 : Special Items : Chest : Can only be bought at the bank (not possible to craft them).Chest is now a luxury item !

2012-07-12 : PVP protection : Arena : No protection for anybody in the arena. Fight is now possible for everybody

2012-07-07 : Special Items : Spawn Eggs : New Category and new product : Spawn Eggs : The Animals.

2012-07-07 : Animals Protection : animals are protected in territories !

2012-07-03 : PVP : spawners can't spawn more than 25 mobs in a day. It's a lag protection and a nerf for owners of mob grinders

2012-06-20 : TP home: small bugfix. Right-click again on your bed to update you home position

2012-06-20 : PVP Spawn after death: Respawn at "the spawn" (Monolith) after death. Which is now a pvp protected area

2012-06-14 : PVP protection changes : Only owners are protected on territories

2012-06-14 : Anti Cheat : Automatic and manual ban. Anti cheat plugins against cheaters : fly, x-ray, etc...

2012-06-11 : World : The positions of islands have changed (closer to spawn point), you lose life and food if you go to far from the spawn (2600 m)

2012-06-10 : Territory Protection : Fire spread protection (fire due to lightning ignition)

2012-06-10 : PVP Bonus : Nerf

2012-05-30 : Stuff protection : when you die, you only loose the content of one slot. (random). But you still lose you experience.

2012-05-30 : PVP protection : In the owned territories, the pvp only prevent you from damages caused by player (mobs will hurts you)

2012-05-30 : Deadalive : A zombie pop where you die

2012-05-23 : Sell Territories : You can sell your territories

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* BlocksAndGold Shop
* Guild / Faction
* New ranks


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