BlocksAndGold Staff : Recruiting

Community manager

Role : Restart subjects, organize, close threads on the forum on social networks. Tools: Free forum moderation (phpbb) Access twitter, Facebook, Google+. Goal: To make the forum more readable, create debate on social networks. Talk about the most views in forums, seek partnerships. Working with the Event Manager to organize joint communications. Give a reason for players to come back in-game or test a new event.

Writer and Content manager

Role : Improve the content of the website. Prepare content for RP integration plugins and community buildings. Tools: Rights on the CMS website. And rights to the catalog items. Access to Google Analytics statistics. Goal: To ensure that the content is updated. All items in the game Manage news, announce versions, and work in progress. Improve its content site visibility on Google. Provide dimension RP content. If graphic it may also create beautiful slides to highlight the site. The slides may be sent to community manager to communicate over networks. Improve visitor conversion to visitors with quality content and unique.


Role : Make videos of features, the tutorials, the most beautiful areas. Tools: Access to the chain BlocksAndGold. Goal : To know and reference features BlocksAndGold on Youtube. Make videos for players and encourage them to put on their territory. Share with the community manager to communicate on social networks. Encourage users to varnish see for real the features or structures and improve the volume of visits

Launcher Coder

Role : Ensure the migration from modpack to follow Minecraft versions. Tools: MCP code mods BlocksAndGold sources. Goal: make an attractive even for those who do not play on blocksandgold modpack. Players prefer this modpack customer vanilla. Modpack page is the most viewed page of the website. It is much downloaded and brings a lot of players. A good modpack loyal players.

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