BlocksAndGold Command List

All players Commands


Informations about given player


Personnal Registration Link - with security pincode
aliases: [login,password]


Chat command : Move to "Whisper" Channel

/w Notch Hi i'm soo proud to see you here !


Chat command : Broadcast to all the server, and Move to "All" Channel

/all Notch is here !
Hello EveryBody* => add a * at the end to broadcast to everybody without channel change


Chat command : Chat to local players and move to "Local" channel (default channel)

/local come here


Fast reply to a whisper

/r ok see you soon


Create a PVE Group with players close to you (4 blocks max)


Quit a PVE Group


Launch your job power
aliases: [pwr]


Show or hide the boundaries of you territory. I'll walls of glasses. But they are not created on the server. They will diseapear iat chunck reload. Other players don't see them. It's very usefull to show the limit of your territory. Use it intead of create ugly towers on the borders of your territory !
/bounds show


Will teleport you to your home (being the last bed you slept in)
aliases: [bed]


Will teleport you to the spawn


Will teleport you to the bank


Will teleport you to the arena


Will teleport you to the hungergames world
aliases: [hungergame,hg]


Will teleport you to a random place in the wilderness


Will teleport you to the territory

/warp territory_name

Will teleport you to the spawn on territory_name


Will teleport you to near to a player
aliases: [tp,tpa,tpahere]


Throw a 100 faces dice.


Blocks And Gold help and Send help notification to GM


help and link


help and link
aliases: [vendre]


help and link
aliases: [jobs]


Get the name of your current zone.


Kick someone out of your territory


Event moderator Commands


Broadcast a EM message


Launch events manually
aliases: [pvp, bodycount, event]

/bag_events event_treasurehunter
/bag_events event_hungergames
/bag_events event_pvp
/bag_events event_arena
/bag_events event_pigball
/bag_events event_splif <world> <x> <y> <z> <size> ex: /bag_events event_splif world 0 64 0 4 spawn a unprotected snow plateform at 0,64,0 on the world "world"


Spawn autominecarts - horse, minecart and boat
/autominecart <vehicle> <playername> <initialspeed-xyz>

/autominecart horse bifag 0 0 0
/autominecart minecart bifag 0 0 0
/autominecart boat bifag 0 0 0

Game moderator Commands


Ban players and their IP for 5 minutes.
Ban all players starting with trolo

/ban5 trolo


Ban players and their IP for 60 minutes


Unban a player banned with ban60 or ban5


fail2ban a player for 60 minutes (web+minecraft) - He will see the server offline.


fail2ban an IP for 60 minutes (web+minecraft). To get the ip, do /player <playername>


Update the message reserved for GM (printed to the chat every X minutes)


Broadcast a GM message


Grant to GM (temporarly)


Set to registered (temporarly)


Close the channel /all during an amount of minutes.

/mute => mute channel all for 5 minutes
/mute 60 => mute channel all for 60 minutes
/mute 0 => mute channel all for 0 minutes = unmute


Admin Commands


Give an achievement to a player
/achievementget <id> <playername>

id title
ENDE1 Enderdragon Killer
ENDE2 Enderdragon  Master
WITH1 Wither Killer
WITH2 Wither Master
DIAMS Diamonds
VIDEO youtube video
TERRI Buy a territory
LAUNC Get the launcher
HUNG1 XSmall Hunger Games
HUNG2 Small Hunger Games
HUNG3 Medium Hunger Games
HUNG4 Large Hunger Games
HUNG5 XL Hunger Games
PVPS2 PVP Champion
PVPS3 PVP Skilled
PVPS4 PVP Fighter
PVES2 PVE Champion
PVES3 PVE Skilled
PVES4 PVE Fighter
LIKS1 Loved
LIKS2 Liked
LIKS3 Appreciated
LIKS4 Someone likes you
LVL01 Rookie Duelist
LVL02 Veteran Duelist
LVL03 Commander Duelist
LVL04 Rookie Warrior
LVL05 Veteran Warrior
LVL06 Commander Warrior
LVL07 Rookie Builder
LVL08 Veteran Builder
LVL09 Commander Builder
DONAT Donator
TREA1 Treasure Hunter
TREA4 Treasure Hunter Adventurer
TREA2 Treasure Hunter Runner
TREA3 Treasure Hunter Competitor
INST1 Dungeon Completed
RAILS Connect Your Territory


Build a portal

GLASS: hungergames
LEAVES: wilderness
GOLD_BLOCK: server@lobby
IRON_BLOCK: server@economy_en
LAPIS_BLOCK: server@economy_fr
EMERALD_BLOCK: instance@hpcreeperdg


Give ability to fly to someone


Send customized text to someone with color codes


Add and remove rights.

/zone help
Add players to the the territory
/zone add <territoryname> <playername>
Allow access even if the owner is not online, 2 players must bo online. It can be the Admin and one builder
/zone category <territoryname> 1
Add the fly to the territory, (for added players)
/zone fly <territoryname> true


Technical location of the player - region - chunck


Server Warp (BungeeCords)
/warps <serverid>


Get Technical ID of the item in hand
aliases: [inv]


Op Commands - Tests and devs (cannot play)


for devs


for devs


for ops (test messages)


BlocksAndGold Inventory Management


List of actives spawners


Turn off/on redstone activation


Regen a chunk, a territory or a region


Count entities in a world


List block type in a world


Generate an inventory string. Tool for Lego Pack.


Set the spawn of the world


Set the player spawn


Backup players inventory


Send config text to someone


Instance management (Dungeons)

/instance load <instancename>
Load instancename in instance world (for tests)
/instance <instancename> <playername>
Throw player in an dedicated instance of instancename

/hungergames <playername>
For command blocks, throw the player in the hungergame
/hungergames @p


Thread Safe kick, for devs

/setwarp <warpname>

Add or modify a warp with the position and orientation of the player

/delwarp <warpname>

Remove a warp. (/warp to get the warp list)

 /sudo <playername> <command>

Execute the command by another player

/sudo LordBlock /w weaveul hi lets wisper together

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