Create a Minecraft Server with the BlocksAndGold Features

If you like to administer, recruit, you have a very personal RP idea, for example if you want to propose a StarWars (or StarTreck) version of BlocksAndGold in Breton (Breizh)... it is possible :)

Indeed we have ensure that Minecraft BlocksAndGold servers are independent of the Web architecture. They also can be fully translated.

It is possible and even a wish that new servers open.

The website allows registration and management of multiple Minecraft servers. Currently the website handles 4 BlocksAndGold servers, a French server, an English server, a Quake (PVP) server (the quake server is not hosted by blocksandgold), and a Minecraft Pocket Edition Server (MCPE - PocketMine)

All serveurs can manage trades, jobs, achievements, scores ans territories from this website.

We wish that new "blocksandgold" mincecraft servers open. They will benefit of all the players from other servers.

Contact us to learn more.
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