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Deep within the darkest corner of Minecraft, you’ll find the creepy realm of the Endermen. There aren’t just Endermen at The End, you’ll also find the final boss of Minecraft — The Enderdragon. This deadly creature can’t be defeated with normal weapons, and just reaching the End is going to be difficult. With our guide, you’ll learn how to find The End, and how you’ll need to prepare to defeat this monster. As an added bonus, you’ll find a link to the full transcript of the Minecraft’s ending. Scroll down to learn more about The End, and the Enderdragon.

Finding The Enderdragon

Every instance of The End features a single Enderdragon. You’ll need to find The End to get at that Enderdragon.

to reach The End, you’ll need to collect 12 Ender Pearls dropped by Endermen. Endermen are rare enemies only found in groups late at night in the Overworld. Be prepared before trying to defeat them, they can be a real menace. You’ll know the Endermen when you see them...

EndermanPerle d'Endermanx12

Buy some Ender Pearls ?

Next, you’ll need 6 blaze rods, found only in the Nether. To reach the Nether, you’ll need to construct a Nether Portal. To do so, collect ten or fourteen Obsidian bricks, and combine the bricks to create a frame four blocks wide by five blocks tall so that there’s a six frame portal.

Tige de Blaze
Buy ?

Once the frame is constructed, you’ll need to set the open part of the frame on fire with lava or flint and steel. Set on fire, the Nether Portal will be activated, allowing you to enter The Nether.

Portail du NetherObsidianx10

Once in The Nether, hunt down Blazes. These lava monsters will light up and smoke when they spot you. They can only be found in Blaze Fortresses, in the Nether, so keep an eye out for fortresses.

Craft the Blaze Rods alone to get your hands on two Blaze Powders. Now you’ll have twelve Blaze Powders and twelve Ender Pearl. Craft these into Eyes of Ender by placing the Ender Pearls over the Blaze Powders.

Ender Eyes

Back in the Overworld, you’ll need to locate a Stronghold containing Ender Portal Frame blocks. To locate a stronghold with an Ender Portal, throw an Eye of Ender up in the air, it will fly towards a stronghold. Follow it, and be prepared, you might lose one or more Eyes of Enders like this. Build some extras, you’ll need a dozen or more Eyes of Ender just to complete the Ender Portal Frame.

When you do finally find an Ender Portal Frame, insider the Eyes of Ender into each of the frame blocks. Before inserting any Eyes of Ender, make sure the Ender Portal Frame is not missing any pieces.
Once all the Eyes of Ender are inserted, the portal will activate and you can enter the portal. Be prepared before entering The End, you’ll meet with the Enderdragon soon.

The End

Killing the Enderdragon

Arriving in The End, the Enderdragon’s health bar will appear at the top of the screen. The Enderdragon has an attack strength of 10, with 200 health points.
The Enderdragon is charged by the Ender Crystals at the top of the obsidian spires dotting the flat landscape. Before fighting the Enderdragon, clear an area of Ender Crystals.

Destroying an Ender Crystal while the Enderdragon is being charged will result in extra damage being done to the Enderdragon. A series of circles will appear between the Ender Crystal and the Enderdragon while it is being charged.
Setting traps isn’t wise, as the Enderdragon destroys any blocks it comes in contact with except for; obsidian, End Stone, and Ender Crystals.

Try to use long-range projectiles, the Enderdragon will retreat when looking at, making it difficult to hit at melee range. Bring lots, and lots, of ammunition before leaving to fight the Enderdragon.
Diamond Armor is your best defense against the Enderdragon — it won’t be able to hurt you.
Snowballs are cited as a good tool to use against the Enderdragon, they’ll stun him between throws, and do some damage. Snowballs are easily constructed and found, and Enderdraongs are only one of the two enemies that can be hurt with Snowballs.

Once the Enderdragon is defeated, it will make a massive explosion and provide the player with 20,000 experience. It will drop a Dragon Egg, and The End Portal — The End Portal is the only escape from The End, make sure you’re ready to fight the Enderdragon before entering The End.
When you’re ready, step into The End Portal and watch the end of Minecraft.

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