Multiplayer Dungeons

Minecraft Multiplayer Dungeons

How does it works

  • The entrance is in the main world (economy survival world). For example, in a cave or in the entrance of a castle.
  • Once a player goes throught the portal the system check he is in a group (/group to enter in a group).And the group cannot exceed the maximum members allowed on this dungeon. (each dungeon will have a max number)
  • If it's ok, a new clean instance is created and reserved for this group.
  • There is a limited duration to complete the dungeon (each dungeon has a specific duration)
  • Several dungeons can be started by several groups at the same time.
  • The dungeons gamemode are adventure,with additional protections.
  • Players can enter with their stuff. But they are advised to equip themselves with specific stuff for the dungeon.
  • Players can go back with what they pick up in the dungeon.
  • There is an achievement for each dungeon at the end.
  • PVE points are activated. Players earn points each time they kill a monster. They are shared among group members.

Available Dungeons

Creeper Dungeon by Hypixel. Adapted to Survival and Economic BlocksAndGold Mods. I removed the chest containing equipment at the beginning (you have to bring yours). I replaced the currency of the shop by Emeralds (BlocksAndGold currency, worth G$ 500 ) and added a reward of five creepers heads you can bring back in the survival world. And one achievement.

You can contribute, and propose dungeons you've made

How to make a dungeon for the BlocksAndGold survival server :

  1. At home, on your PC, it is better, with all the required creative tools. Creative mode, WorldEdit, MCEdit, NBTTag Editors...
  2. Build the inside of the dungeon (like WOW dungeons, or Lengend of Grimrock), no external views by the window if possible. The outside world will be in the main survival world. Build inside a closed cube from an empty map.
  3. You can build the outside in another map. The schematic of the outside will be copied to the survival world. A portal will teleport players inside the dungeon (indoor map)
  4. Use command blocks with all vanilla minecraft and bukkit commands, plus blocksandgold admins commands. Eg. /get_achievements, colored chat text. etc ...
  5. Since 1.7 you can natively spawn mobs with customized commands in blocks
  6. You can reward players with chests containing stuff, but be care of the BlockAndGold economy. Don't be toot generous. 1 Emerald Gem worth 500 G$. Be Carefull with the dispensers, they are not locked. Put them away from players. Buttons and pressure plates are not protected, levers are.

Tutorial and Specifications

Generate an empty world that is compatible with the dungeon plugin

Mode Creative > More World Options
Allow Cheats : ON
Generate Structure : OFF
Bonus Chest : OFF
World Type : Super Flat > Customize > Presets > Enter this preset : 3;minecraft:air;127;

Create New World...

Spawn creation (at the middle of the region file 0.0)

/setblock 256 63 256 minecraft:stone
/setworldspawn 256 64 256

Dungeon borders (max size) (region file 0.0)

/worldborder center 256 256
/worldborder set 512

You can also download this empty world ready to use and unzip it into your minecraft save folder (C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves)

Empty Minecraft World ready to use


Game Rules Config

/gamerule mobGriefing false
/gamerule doMobSpawning false
/gamerule doDaylightCycle false

Mob and item genetator tools
Generate persistent mobs (or they will disappear automatically)
For exemple : /summon Skeleton ~ ~1 ~ {PersistenceRequired:1b} 
Tip : If the command is too long, use a command block. 

Useful command examples

/title @a title {"text":"Congratulation !"}
BlocksAndGold Achievement : /achievementget @p <ASKFORACODE>
Duplicate or move part of your dungeon : /clone ~-50 ~-50 ~-50 ~50 ~50 ~50 ~128 ~ ~128 replace move
Activate something with a key : /testforblock 278 63 276 minecraft:hopper 0 {Items:[{id:minecraft:paper,tag:{display:{Name:"My Custom Name"}},Count:1b,Slot:0b}]}
Create the key : /give @p :minecraft:paper 1 0 {display:{Name:"My Custom Name"}}
Test the presence of Mobs (test if players have killed the boss) : /testfor @e[type=Skeleton,r=20]

Demo Dungeon

Herobrine Skeleton Dungeon

Herobrine Skeleton Dungeon

Download it ! Show how it's made, and make your own.

Once completed you can zip your world directory and send it to me (I will give you the adress of the FTP server by PM). Give me the location of the spawn.

See you on the forum...

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