How to vote for a territory ?

I like !

vote for a minecraft territory

You must find in that territory a sign containing the text « Like » or « +1 ».
Once you face it, make a right-click… you've just voted for the contest of the best builder of the week. Check the best minecraft territories here !

I can't find any sign "Like" in a territory.

This is because its owner probably did not install it.
Maybe you should suggest him to do so. Find him in-game, or try to contact him through the forum (MP or Topic)

I want to put a « Like » sign on my territory.

Very easy. Build a sign, and drop it anywhere you want your in territory.
Only one constraint to work with: Write « Like » or « +1 » on the second line.
Add the name of the building or what you want on the 3rd line.

If your sign works you will see that the lines 2 and 3 are colored.

What happens to the votes ?

Each player can vote only once per week and per territory. (Once per IP)
Visitors can also vote. Do not hesitate to ask visitors!
The votes are counted throughout the week and are visible on the scoreboard: The best building of the week.

At the end of the week, Sunday at 16h, the winner is declared. The top 10 earn a reward Golds.

I want players to like my territory !

Create a like sign and right-click on it. If you are owner that display an announce. You can click ten times or more, that will display your message as much as you have clicked. The annouces will be displayed more or less frequently depending on the number of annonce to display.

What may I do if I don't like this territory !

There is no « Unlike ». We can brainstorm together if you insist ;-)
See you on the forum...

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