Event and Title Monster Killer

How to become the champion of the week ?

A player is declared "Monster Killer" Champion (PVE) at the end of the week, each sunday at 4:00 PM.

You become champion of the week, if at the end you are the player with the most PVE points.

How to earn PVE points ?

Whenever you kill a monster. Whether in the hungergames, in the main world, a dungeon instance, into the Nether or into the End.

Obviously the hardest monsters to kill gives you the most points.

The monsters that spawn in spawners give a small amount of points (to avoid the farm). Wild monsters, or rares, give much more. The creeper for example. The Enderagon and Wither are the 2 that give most.

Is it possible to loose points ?

If you kill a protected species (golems, villagers, wolves and some others) you will loose some pointsIf you need to get rid of, make sure you do not kill them directly (use traps or fire)

If you die. Whether naturally or by the act of a player or a monster you lose a few points.

Play in a Group !

If you play in a group (/group), points are shared with group members each time a member kills a mob.

This is useful and fair play when you are hunting the Enderdragon or the Wither. Indeed, when he died, you will all receive PVE points and you will all win Enderdragon and Wither achievements.

What do the Champion win ?

His name is written on the hall of champions, and he is rewarded with an amount of G$ and an achievement.

Only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd have their names written on the hall of champions.

What do the other players win ?

Until the 10th position, players earn G$.

There are several types of achievments.

Your PVE points, if they are positives, are added to your global PVE level (on your player sheet). You can win levels from one week to another.

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