Event and Title : Player Killer

How to become the Champion of the week ?

A player is declared "Monster Killer" Champion (PVE) at the end of the week, each sunday at 4:00 PM.

You become champion of the week, if at the end you are the player with the best rate (most PVP points).

When does this event start ?

In the main world, a sequence of PVP starts every hours, during 5 minutes. It's annouced on the Chatbox.

During this time, PVP is ON on all the main world. You can fight on the wilderness and on the Arena territory. Players are protected on the territory they own.

In the hungergames, in the Nether, in The End, the PVP is ON all time.

NOTE : The Event Moderator, can use a command to launch manually a  5 min sequence of PVP. Or to start again the hungergames. Ask him... (Their names are green in the player tab)

How to win PVP points ?

During PHP time, each players you kill gives you 1 point if he has a level near to yours.

It's useless to chain kill a player. Look for players with the same rate of yours. (-2 -2 0 +1 +2)

Is it possible to loose PVP points ?

Yes, if you get killed by a player of the same level as you, your rate loose 1 point. If your killer rate is greater than 2 points, you don't loose point.

What is the reward for the Champion of the week ?

His name is written on the hall of champions, and he is rewarded with an amount of G$ and an achievement.

Only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd have their names written on the hall of champions

What do the other players win ?

Until the 10th position, players earn G$.

There are also several types of achievments.

Your PVP points, if they are positives, are added to your global PVP level (on your player sheet). You can win levels from one week to another.

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