Event Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunt Minecraft Plugin

Find an Hidden chest with you compass

A chest is hidden in the wilderness (between 2000 and 5000) blocks from the spawn.
The chest is 1 block under the first stone in the undergroud.

At the begining of the quest, all connected players, have their compass configured to point the Treasure. (remember don't warp or your compass will lost the direction)

After 30 minutes the chest is changed into stone by a thunder if nobody find it !


On this chest there is a prize. A legendary set element  (Understand an enchanted item with a lore written on it)

3 achievements, and pve points are also given to the victorious Treasure Hunter.

There is a chance to win a silk touch pick axe or Blast protection stuff, that will be very usefull if you enter in the Creeper Dungeon (see Donjon Event)

When does the Treasure Hunt start ?

The tresure hunt is launch automatically every hours. Event moderators of each servers can also launch it manually. You can them. Their names are green in the player tab.

You can contribute, and propose Legendary Items you've made

How to make a legendary item for the BlocksAndGold survival server :

Follow this model :

      whitelouve1 :
       name: '&aLegendary bow'
       material: BOW
       enchant: ARROW_DAMAGE,5
         - Legendary Set Element
         - Crafted by the better
         - archer of Baiteh
         - Was lost 1000 years ago.

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