Free to Play - Install Minecraft

PREREQUISITES: This service is designed for players who own the game Minecraft !
Here we propose a networked world to play with your Game Minecraft.

More about Minecraft and Mojang


If you don't own Minecraft go to 1., else go to 7.

1.Create an account (The name of you player on minecraft) at Mojang to obtain a Minecraft licence for about 19€95 :

2.Download and Install minecraft on your computer

3.Run Minecraft binary... If Minecraft doesn't start, go to 4. else go to 5.

4.You probably don't have JAVA on you computer ! Install JAVA, then run again minecraft.exe :

5.Play. Dig a hole by maintain pressure on right click of the mouse.

6.Watch some videos on Youtube to help your fisrt step on Minecraft. For example this one :


Play free with us on the server

7.Create an account on this website with the name of your character Minecraft. The one you have chosen in step 1.

8.Login on the website.

9.Run Minecraft, as username and password, write your Mojang username and password. The one you have chosen in step 1.

10.Click on Multiplayeur, add a new server, type in the address field... then join the game... (if you run the blocksandgold launcher, the servers are already configured in the server list.)

See you soon... in game...
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