Jobs:Informations and FAQ

Find here all the rules and answers about jobs.

Why get a job ?

1) It's fun and roleplay. Every player can see your job next to your name on the chat box.
2) You'll be able to sell to the bank all items' of your job.
3) You'll get new achievements when you'll reach the last job level.

How get a new job level ?

To reach a new level, you have to craft the good number of items asked by your job level.

How craft requiered items ?

1) You have to be connected to the game with the right job : Your current job is shown close to your name in the chat box.
2) You have to craft with a worbench, a furnace, or a brewing (but not by the use of your inventory).

How to be sure that my crafts have been validated ?

When you craft an item, if the system validate it for the levelling of your job, it show you the message (in game) "Congratulation you've increased your level !".
If it's not go to the FAQ to find the problem.


I've crafted requiered items but nothing happened

You have to be sure of two things:
1) Are you connected with the right job (Your current job is shown close to your name in the chat box) ? 
2) You have to use a worbench, a furnace, or a brewing (but not by the use of your inventory).

I made a lot of items but only one have been counted

You have not to use the "shift" key when you craft an item.



To reach a level and get a new rank, you have to craft corresponding items.

Minecraft Job AlchemistCraft Brewing Stand Minecraft id 379Craft Fermented Spider EyeCraft Glass BottleCraft CauldronCraft Potion of WeaknessCraft Mundane Potion (Extended)Craft Splash Potion of Weakness
Minecraft Job AlchemistCraft Awkward PotionCraft Potion of SwiftnessCraft Potion of Weakness (Extended)Craft Mundane PotionCraft Potion of Swiftness ExtendedCraft Potion of SlownessCraft Splash Potion of SwiftnessCraft Splash Potion of Swiftness (Extended)Craft Splash Potion of SlownessCraft Splash Potion of Weakness (Extednded)
Minecraft Job AlchemistCraft Potion of HarmingCraft Potion of PoisonCraft Thick PotionCraft Potion of Poison (Extended)Craft Potion of Poison IICraft Splash Potion of PoisonCraft Splash Potion of Poison (Extented)Craft Splash Potion of Poison IICraft Splash Potion of HarmingCraft Potion of Harming IICraft Splash Potion of Harming II
Minecraft Job AlchemistCraft Glistering MelonCraft Potion of HealingCraft Potion of Swiftness IICraft Potion of Healing IICraft Splash Potion of HealingCraft Splash Potion of Swiftness IICraft Potion of Slowness (Extended)Craft Splash Potion of Slowness (Extended)Craft Splash Potion of Healing II
Minecraft Job AlchemistCraft Potion of Fire ResistenceCraft Potion of StrengthCraft Potion of Fire Resistence (Extended)Craft Potion of Strength (Extended)Craft Potion of Strength IICraft Potion of Strength SplashCraft Potion of Strength Splash (Extended)Craft Potion of Strength Splash IICraft Potion of Fire Resistance SplashCraft Potion of Fire Resistance Splash (Extended)
Cost : G$300


To reach a level and get a new rank, you have to craft corresponding items.

Minecraft Job ArtistCraft Yellow Wool Minecraft id 35:4Craft Red Wool Minecraft id 35:14Craft Green Wool Minecraft id 35:13Craft Black Wool Minecraft id 35:15Craft Cactus Green Dye Minecraft id 351:2Craft Rose Red Dye Minecraft id 351:1Craft Dandelion Yellow Dye Minecraft id 351:11Craft Gray Dye Minecraft id 351:8
Minecraft Job ArtistCraft Orange Wool Minecraft id 35:1Craft Lime Wool Minecraft id 35:5Craft Gray Wool Minecraft id 35:7Craft Light Gray Wool Minecraft id 35:8Craft Pink Wool Minecraft id 35:6Craft Lime Dye Minecraft id 351:10Craft Pink Dye Minecraft id 351:9Craft Light Gray Dye Minecraft id 351:7Craft Orange Dye Minecraft id 351:14
Minecraft Job ArtistCraft TrapdoorCraft Note Block Minecraft id 25Craft Jack-O-Lantern Minecraft id 91Craft Snow Block Minecraft id 80Craft Brown Wool Minecraft id 35:12Craft Sign Minecraft id 323Craft PaintingCraft wooden door
Minecraft Job ArtistCraft Magenta Wool Minecraft id 35:2Craft Cyan Wool Minecraft id 35:9Craft Blue Wool Minecraft id 35:11Craft Purple Wool Minecraft id 35:10Craft Light Blue Wool Minecraft id 35:3Craft Cyan Dye Minecraft id 351:6Craft Light Blue Dye Minecraft id 351:12Craft Purple Dye Minecraft id 351:5Craft Magenta Dye Minecraft id 351:13
Minecraft Job ArtistCraft Iron Bars Minecraft id 101Craft Iron Door Minecraft id 330Craft Minecraft Bookshelf ItemCraft Glowstone Minecraft id 89Craft BookCraft Jukebox Minecraft id 84Craft Golden Apple
Cost : G$500


To reach a level and get a new rank, you have to craft corresponding items.

Minecraft Job EngineerCraft LadderCraft Wooden Pressure Plate Minecraft id 72Craft Stone Pressure Plate Minecraft id 70Craft Stone Button - minecraft id 77Craft Wooden Shovel Minecraft id 269
Minecraft Job EngineerCraft Boat Minecraft Item Oak Boat 333Craft Dispenser Minecraft id 23Craft Redstone Torch Minecraft id 76Craft Lever Minecraft id 69Craft Iron IngotCraft Stone Shovel Minecraft id 273Craft Boat Minecraft Item Spruce Boat 444Craft Boat Minecraft Item Bitch Boat 445Craft Boat Minecraft Item Jungle Boat 446Craft Boat Minecraft Item Acacia Boat 447Craft Boat Minecraft Item Dark Oak Boat 448
Minecraft Job EngineerCraft Minecraft RailsCraft ClockCraft PistonCraft Minecart Minecraft id 328Craft Iron Shovel Minecraft id 256Craft Tripwire Hook
Minecraft Job EngineerCraft Detector RailCraft Redstone Repeater Minecraft id 356Craft Storage Minecart Minecraft id 342Craft Gold Shovel Minecraft id 284Craft TNTCraft Redstone Lamp
Minecraft Job EngineerCraft Sticky PistonCraft Powered Rail Minecraft id 27Craft CompassCraft Powered Minecart Minecraft id 343Craft Diamond Shovel Minecraft id 277Craft Ender Chest


To reach a level and get a new rank, you have to craft corresponding items.

Minecraft Job FarmerCraft BowlCraft Minecraft FenceCraft Fence Gate Minecraft id 107Craft Wooden Hoe Minecraft id 290Craft Clay Brick
Minecraft Job FarmerCraft Paper Minecraft id 339Craft Minecraft Bone MealCraft Minecraft SugarCraft Fishing RodCraft Cooked FishCraft Stone Hoe Minecraft id 291
Minecraft Job FarmerCraft Bread Minecraft id 297Craft Wool Minecraft id 35Craft ShearsCraft Cooked Porkchop Minecraft id 320Craft Cooked Chicken Minecraft id 366Craft Iron Hoe Minecraft id 292
Minecraft Job FarmerCraft Steak Minecraft id 364Craft Gold Hoe Minecraft id 294Craft Leather Helmet Minecraft id 298Craft Leather Chestplate Minecraft id 299Craft Leather Leggings Minecraft id 300Craft Leather Boots Minecraft id 301
Minecraft Job FarmerCraft Mushroom Stew Minecraft id 282Craft Bucket Minecraft id 325Craft Nether Brick Fence Minecraft id 113Craft minecraft cake item - minecraft foodCraft Cookie Minecraft id 357Craft Melon BlockCraft Diamond Hoe Minecraft id 293
Cost : G$500


To reach a level and get a new rank, you have to craft corresponding items.

Minecraft Job ArchitectCraft Wooden Plank (Oak) Minecraft id 5Craft Minecraft StoneCraft wooden plank JungleCraft wooden plank birchCraft wooden plank (Spruce)
Minecraft Job ArchitectCraft Wooden Stairs (Oak) Minecraft id 53Craft Glass Pane - minecraft Id value 102Craft Minecraft GlassCraft Stairs (Spruce)Craft Stairs (Birch)Craft Stairs (Jungle)
Minecraft Job ArchitectCraft Cobblestone Slab Minecraft id 44:3Craft Wooden Slab (Oak)Craft Minecraft Cobblestone StairsCraft Wooden Slab (Spruce)Craft Wooden Slab (Birch)Craft Wooden Slab (Jungle)
Minecraft Job ArchitectCraft Minecraft Stone BrickCraft Stone Slab Minecraft id 44Craft Sandstone Slab Minecraft id 44:1Craft SandstoneCraft Stone Brick Slab Minecraft id 44:5Craft Minecraft Stone Brick StairsCraft Sandstone Stairs
Minecraft Job ArchitectCraft Minecraft Brick StairsCraft Brick Slab Minecraft id 44:4Craft Minecraft BrickCraft Nether Brick Stairs Minecraft id 114Craft Chiseled SandstoneCraft Smooth Sandstone
Cost : G$700


To reach a level and get a new rank, you have to craft corresponding items.

Minecraft Job AdventurerCraft BowCraft CharcoalCraft ArrowCraft Wooden Sword Minecraft id 268Craft Wooden Axe Minecraft id 271Craft Wooden Pickaxe Minecraft id 270
Minecraft Job AdventurerCraft BedCraft Iron Sword Minecraft id 267Craft Stone Axe Minecraft id 275Craft Iron Pickaxe Minecraft id 257Craft Iron Axe Minecraft id 258Craft Minecraft Item White Bed 255Craft Minecraft Item Orange Bed 255:1Craft Minecraft Item Magenta Bed 255:2Craft Minecraft Item Light Blue Bed 255:3Craft Minecraft Item Yellow Bed 255:4Craft Minecraft Item Lime Bed 255:5Craft Minecraft Item Pink Bed 255:6Craft Minecraft Item Gray Bed 255:7Craft Minecraft Item Light Gray Bed 255:8 PC versionCraft Minecraft Item Cyan Bed 255:9 PC versionCraft Minecraft Item Purple Bed 255:10 PC versionCraft Minecraft Item Blue Bed 255:11 PC versionCraft Minecraft Item Brown Bed 255:12 PC versionCraft Minecraft Item Green Bed 255:13 PC versionCraft Minecraft Item Red Bed 255:14 PC versionCraft Minecraft Item Bleck Bed 255:15 PC version
Minecraft Job AdventurerCraft Flint and Steel Minecraft id 259Craft Gold Ingot Minecraft id 266Craft Iron Chestplate Minecraft id 307Craft Iron Leggings Minecraft id 308Craft Iron Boots Minecraft id 309Craft Iron Helmet Minecraft id 306Craft Gold Sword Minecraft id 283
Minecraft Job AdventurerCraft Gold Pickaxe Minecraft id 285Craft Gold Axe Minecraft id 286Craft Gold Helmet Minecraft id 314Craft Gold Boots Minecraft id 317Craft Gold Chestplate Minecraft id 315Craft Gold Leggings Minecraft id 316Craft Diamond Sword Minecraft id 276
Minecraft Job AdventurerCraft Eye of Ender Minecraft id 381Craft Diamond Boots Minecraft id 313Craft Diamond Leggings Minecraft id 312Craft Diamond Chestplate Minecraft id 311Craft Diamond Helmet Minecraft id 310Craft Diamond Pickaxe Minecraft id 278Craft Diamond Axe Minecraft id 279
Cost : G$700


To reach a level and get a new rank, you have to craft corresponding items.

Minecraft Job HandymanCraft Minecraft ChestCraft Workbench Minecraft id 58Craft Minecraft StickCraft TorchCraft Furnace Minecraft id 61Craft Stone Pickaxe Minecraft id 274Craft Stone Sword Minecraft id 272

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