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Minecraft Carrot item with blocksandgold economy plugin


Overlworld (biomes)


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What could I craft with Carrot item ?

8 x Gold Nugget Minecraft id 371 + 1 x Carrot - minecraft id 391 => 1 x image minecraft Golden Carrot Golden Carrot
1 x Fishing Rod + 1 x Carrot - minecraft id 391 => 1 x image minecraft Carrot on Stick Carrot on Stick


A Carrot is a food item that can be planted and consumed. When consumed, it restores four hunger points (Hunger.svgHunger.svg). Carrots can be farmed and harvested on farmland. When farmed, they will take four stages to grow rather than the normal eight, although on average it takes the same amount of time to fully mature as wheat. Carrot crops drop one to four carrots. Carrots are a rare drop from zombies and are found as crops in Villager farms. Bone meal can be used to immediately mature carrots to their last stage of growth, and using a Fortune-enchanted tool increases the number of carrots dropped.

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