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Chorus plants can be broken using any tool. Breaking one block of a chorus tree will also generally cause all chorus plants and flowers above to break due to lack of support. Upon breaking, a chorus plant drops 0–1 chorus fruit. The block form cannot be obtained in Survival mode, even with the Silk Touch enchantment; however, it is available in the Creative mode inventory. Chorus plants make up most of the chorus trees that are naturally generated on the outer islands of the End. Chorus trees are typically 10–15 blocks in height, although a single plant can reach up to 22 blocks. Chorus plants can be broken to obtain chorus fruit. Chorus plant blocks will break automatically (potentially dropping fruit) if the six surrounding blocks are not valid: Chorus plant with at least one other chorus plant horizontally adjacent will break unless at least one of the vertically adjacent blocks is air Chorus plant will break unless the block below is chorus plant or end stone or any horizontally adjacent block is a chorus plant above chorus plant or end stone

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