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What could I craft with Coal item ?

1 x Coal - Id minecraft 263 => 1 x image minecraft Charcoal Charcoal
1 x Coal - Id minecraft 263 + 1 x Minecraft Stick => 1 x image minecraft Torch Torch
9 x Coal - Id minecraft 263 => 1 x image minecraft Block of Coal Block of Coal
1 x Coal - Id minecraft 263 => 1 x image minecraft Coal Ore Coal Ore
1 x Blaze Powder Minecraft id 377 + 1 x Coal - Id minecraft 263 + 1 x Gunpowder Minecraft id 289 => 3 x image minecraft Fire charge Fire charge


Coal lumps are harvested directly from coal ore blocks, which must be destroyed using any level of pickaxe. After this, they cannot be reverted back into block form. They are the most efficient fuel available for furnaces, being able to smelt eight units of ore per lump of coal. Coal lumps and charcoal are also the only fuels accepted by powered minecarts (providing approximately four minutes of transit each). The only purpose for which coal could be considered required is the creation of torches

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