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Elytra are equipped in the chestplate slot. They can either be placed directly in the slot, or be equipped using a dispenser or by right clicking when in hotbar. To initiate gliding, the player must jump in midair. From there, direction is controlled by looking left or right, and the gliding speed and rate of descent is controlled by looking up or down. Looking upwards while gliding temporarily increases the player's altitude, however doing this for too long stalls the player, causing it to descend at a faster rate (indicated by the player moving their limbs). Elytra allow the player to travel 10 blocks horizontally for each block fallen when flying at a constant 0° pitch, not including the initial fall, resulting in a best constant glide angle of about 5.7°. The maximum flight time is obtained with a pitch of about 14° up. The maximum terminal horizontal velocity is approximately 67.5 m/s and is obtained with a pitch of about 52° down. Durability decreases by one point each second when gliding. Elytra have 431 durability, resulting in 7 minutes and 11 seconds of gliding time. It is possible to apply the Unbreaking enchantment using an anvil and an enchanted book, which affects the elytra in the same way that enchantment affects tools, increasing glide time to about four seconds of use per point of durability for Unbreaking III elytra. Low server tick will also increase this if the chunks are being created too fast for the computer to keep up. The player will not take fall damage while gliding unless hitting the ground or a wall at an excessive velocity, which can be caused by nose-diving or stalling. Fall damage will then be a result of the height fallen during the nose-dive or stall. A player gliding with elytra has a shorter hitbox than usual: 0.6 blocks in height rather than 1.8 blocks. When you hold a firework rocket in your hand and are gliding with elytra, using the firework rocket will boost the gliding speed, allowing the player to fly. If the rocket is equipped with a firework star of any kind, 7 damage will be dealt to the player. The duration or strength of the speed boost depends on the flight duration of the firework rocket. Page added by Nitoblock

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