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End rods are primarily used as light sources and decoration. They can be placed on any surface of any block, including other End rods. They will not break if their supporting block is broken. Gravity-affected blocks like sand or gravel will not break if they fall onto an End rod oriented vertically, but will break on a rod oriented horizontally. End rods can be pushed and pulled by pistons, no matter the orientation. Inside some end city towers, they are positioned so the player may use them to climb the tower, similar to a spiral staircase. End rods emit a light level of 14 (same as torches), and will melt snow layers and ice within a 2-block radius. Page added by Nitoblock

How to make End Rod item ?

  • Blaze Rod Minecraft id 369
  • Minecraft Item Popped Chorus Fruit
4 x image minecraft End RodEnd Rod

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