Game Moderator

Prerequisites for the role

  • Be registered for several weeks
  • Good knowledge of minecraft and all features of Blocks And Gold
  • Forum activity : Regular
  • Connexion frequency : high
  • Connected to Blocksandgold facebook or Tweeter
  • Promote the server : bring your friends
  • Proven animation and support skills ingame
  • Be nice and gentle : exemplarity


Nice to have

  • Age 18 or older
  • Organization skills
  • Promote the server : created and post youtube videos
  • Promote the server on the server lists – send any positive messages on the web with keywords and blocksandgold URL link.
  • Never be ban by Game Moderators
  • Game Moderators recommendation


Role and responsibilities

Moderators perimeter of responsibility is quite simple : they deal with all what is happening ingame.
Therefore their role is:


  • Report security breach and bugs
  • Report server life: main achievements, current projects
  • Test new functionalities before official release and give us your feedback. You may propose some game improvement, but keep in mind that we already have bunch of development to handle, so try to filter to the most necessary from your point of view.

Animation and facilitation

  • Help new visitors, providing them basic explanations on how to play, our spirit and drive them to the subscription on the website.
  • Check and moderate the Tchat (very important). Obscene, racist, political discussions must be stopped right away. You start with a warning, and if no effect, you ban 5 or 60 minutes. (Your choice).
  • Provide others with some challenges, events, competition, tournaments, mega-projects. Be creative. (Creative means “do with what the game allows you to do”.)
  • Solve conflicts between players. You bring the peace and you are the wise man

The means

To help you accomplish your role and succeed as a blocksandgold Moderator, we provide you the following:

You have a specific moderator red status level. We want other players to recognize you easily and show you respect.

You have direct access to us through forum private mail, meaning that we answer to you first…

You get all new functionalities, before officially released for everyone. Sometimes, we will prefer to wait your feedbacks before launch.

You have all the BAN commands /ban5, /ban60 playername and /unban60 playername, /unban60 playername

Full ban hackers attacks by fails theirs IP (from web and minecraft) /fail60, /fail60-ip playername

You have specific functions, to easily evolve in game :

  • - Red Writing : /gm message
  • - GM Announcement : /gmmessage announcement
  • - If you need help from another player for moderation : /gmadd playername (/gmremove to undo)
  • - Chat moderation : /mute [timeduration] to mute the server channel "ALL" (set timeduration to 0 to reactivate)


We need you to build the best Minecraft server! Without you, our development and design is worthless. Thank you for your interest in the project; you are part of the team now.

See you soon

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