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Gold in minecraft


Gold is one of the most searched item in minecraft.

Like in real life, gold is beautiful, gold is rare, gold is useful.



Minecraft Gold Ore image

Minecraft Gold Ore


Gold Ore is a rare mineral block found deep underground. And about 5 times rarer than Iron Ore.

Gold Ore can be mined using an iron pickaxe or a diamond pickaxe. But be carefull, using a gold pickaxe won’t let you get Gold ore!

Gold ore is stackable.

After that you have to smelt gold ore using a furnace (and charcoal) to get finally Gold Ingots.

Crafts with Gold ore

Pocket Edition

In Pocket Edition, Gold Ore can be found but is much rarer than on the PC Game.



Minecraft Gold nugget image

Minecraft Gold Nugget


9 Gold Nuggets can be crafted into one Gold Ingots

Gold Nugget is also a brewing ingredient.

You can use them to craft a golden carrot, or glistering melon for brewing healing potions.

But the funniest use it to create a firework star by using gunpowder and dye

Get Gold Nugget by killing zombie pigmen, making it a renewable resource.  The drop rate of gold nuggets is about 55% (including the occasional gold ingot).

Crafts with Gold nugget

Pocket Edition

In Pocket Edition, Zombie pigmen drop gold ingots.



Minecraft Gold Ingot image

Minecraft Gold Ingot


Gold ingots are a metal obtained from the smelting of gold Ore or by  crafting 9 Gold Nuggets together in a Workbench.

Gold ingots can also be found inside chests in strongholds, mineshafts, temples and villages.

Compare to other metals, Gold has the highest enchantability.

Crafts with Gold ingot

The best use is to create Clocks, Powered Rail, prestigious gold armor, or decorative gold block.

Given the supposed rare nature of Gold, Gold's most important usage is in the creation of Powered Rail. Powered Rail will be very useful to move quickly and to discover territories. Blocksandgold server has developed the autominecart plugin to use easily the railway by the automatic creation of minecraft.

Using gold to craft gold weapons and gold tools is wasted.




Minecraft gold block image

Minecraft gold blocks


Block of Gold is created by crafting 9 Gold ingots. It’s useful for storage, for decoration, or to build a gold house...

You can also craft Enchanted Golden Apples, which instantly restores your health, but classic food is cheaper…

If you want to destroy a gold blocks, use a diamond pickaxe or iron pickaxe or you gonna loose all your 9 gold ingots.

Pocket Edition

In Pocket Edition, Gold blocks are needed to build and activate the Nether Reactor.



Gold weapons and gold tools


minecraft gold leggings image minecraft gold boots image minecraft gold chestplate image minecraft gold helmet image minecraft gold sword image


Using gold to craft weapons and tools is wasted :

- Iron is better than gold and less rare.

- Diamond is as rare as gold but really stronger.

- You don’t want to craft Gold sword because gold sword durability is the lowest of all swords ! Lower than Wood sword and for equally damage…


Same for gold tools : gold pickaxe, gold axe, gold hoe, gold shovel, are the worst tools.


minecraft weapons durability 

However Gold is nice if you want to wear a prestigious armor. Add the blocksandgold’s cloack, you’ll look very classy!

Minecraft cloak blocksandgold


How get and farm Gold


You have to get an iron pickaxe or diamond pickaxe to mine the gold Ore underground.

gold Ore cannot be mined using a gold pickaxe.


Farm Gold underground


You can find Gold equally common between 5-20 blocks above bedrock. Lava is common at 10 blocks above bedrock. So some players think that mining at about 12 blocks above bedrock is the best to find Gold easily.

Other people think that 4-6 blocks above bedrock is a very rich area for all king of metals, including Gold Ore.

Gold Ore is found beside stone blocks, in veins of 4-8 blocks.


Farm Gold on nether



Other way to find gold


-          In the blacksmith's chest, in a blacksmith's shop in a village.

-          Anywhere that has a chest that you didn't make might have a gold ingot inside it, have look !

-          By killing a zombie pigman.


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