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Swords are craftable weapons used to damage mobs or other players, or to block attacks. Swords can also destroy certain blocks more quickly than any other tool (such as glowstone blocks and cobwebs). Attacking a boat or a minecart with a sword will destroy it faster but will not decrease the sword's durability. Zombie Pigmen can be seen using golden swords, and they have a very rare chance of dropping one. Zombies also have a small chance of dropping an iron sword. You can also obtain a diamond sword by trading with villagers.

A short remind of the rules on the server

- Visitors are PVP protected
- You are protected in your territory
- Mobs spawn every hours at the arena
- Launcher with optifine and rei's minimap is mandatory for PVP (no cheat)


Critical hits add a damage bonus of up to 50%, plus one heart.

swords damages

How to make Gold Sword item ?

  • Gold Ingot Minecraft id 266
  • Gold Ingot Minecraft id 266
  • Minecraft Stick
1 x image minecraft Gold SwordGold Sword

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