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Magma blocks damage living entities standing on top of them even if underwater (with exceptions such as shulkers or guardians), dealing 1 (Half Heart.svg) of damage every tick (although damage immunity reduces this to once every half-second). Magma blocks do not destroy items. Damage taken is considered fire damage and is reduced by armor, shields, the Resistance and Fire Resistance potion effects, and the Protection and Fire Protection enchantments. Armor will take damage, but a shield will not. The player can avoid being damaged at all, either by crouching, using a potion of fire resistance, or by wearing Frost Walker boots. Blocks the height of a trapdoor or lower (such as snow layers, carpet, repeaters or comparators) will not prevent a magma block from damaging mobs and players above it. On killing a player, the death message displayed in chat is: " discovered floor was lava". If a player was pushed to their death onto magma blocks, the message is: " walked on danger zone due to ". Magma blocks emit a light level of 3. Due to a bug, it can "preserve" higher light levels in some circumstances even after the original light source is removed. When water is directly above a magma block, there is a random chance the water will be destroyed with smoke particles. Magma blocks emit smoke particles under rainfall. Mobs avoid magma blocks that are in the way. Most mobs don't spawn on magma blocks (exceptions are magma cubes, zombie pigmen, ghasts, and squids). When a magma block's top is lit on fire, the fire will burn indefinitely

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  • Magma Cream
  • Magma Cream
  • Magma Cream
  • Magma Cream
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