A new minecraft experience

A unique experience of minecraft multiplayeur...

We invite you to play multiplayer on our server and so take advantage of new features that we have realised to bring economic and social dimension to the game Minecraft

We have implemented a series of web features, which interact in real time with the game,

Our Minecraft server has a range of tools and exclusive and innovative functionalities such as - for example - youtube rewards, in-game "Likes" and "Friends", a market place with fluctuating prices...

You can do :

  • Sell what you have collected or manufactured in the game to the bank, and earn Gold coin,
  • Buy what others have sold with your Gold coin ...
  • A fluctuating and automatic item price list
  • Buying territories to protect your contructions because outside these territories, there is no rule!
  • Invite your friends to build your territory
  • Scoreboards to measure your performance as a warrior and builder
  • Talk from the website with online players in the game (since the game map)
  • Exclusive job system : level you jobs and get a special power
  • A lot of Achivements to collect
  • A new hungergame map every day
  • A premium shop
  • 3 axes of levelling : PVP, PVE, Likes
  • An optional launcher . By this way we have no cheater. (rei's minimp / Optifine / BetterAnimation / CraftGuide Included)
  • Some great Features for Minecraft Youtubers : Earn Virtual money with your minecraft video views.

You can do everything from you account and follow your friends : http://www.blocksandgold.com/en/players/

And lots more to come ...

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