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November 14, 2011

Time played

276 hours

XP And Level

LIKE Level 8 (37/80)

PVE Level 4 (7695/8000)

PVP Level 6 (11/13)

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Achievement: Create an account DONE ! Achievement: Diamonds Achievement: Buy a territory DONE ! (3 times) Achievement: youtube video DONE ! (16 times) Achievement: Get the launcher Achievement: Donator Achievement: LUCKY ! DONE ! (3 times) Achievement: UNLUCKY... Achievement: Enderdragon Killer Achievement: Wither Killer DONE ! (2 times) Achievement: Enderdragon  Master Achievement: Wither Master Achievement: Rookie Builder DONE ! (4 times) Achievement: Rookie Warrior DONE ! (1 times) Achievement: Rookie Duelist Achievement: Veteran Builder Achievement: Veteran Warrior Achievement: Veteran Duelist Achievement: Commander Builder Achievement: Commander Warrior Achievement: Commander Duelist Achievement: XSmall Hunger Games DONE ! (6 times) Achievement: Small Hunger Games Achievement: Medium Hunger Games Achievement: Large Hunger Games Achievement: XL Hunger Games Achievement: PVP Hero Achievement: PVP Champion Achievement: PVP Skilled Achievement: PVP Fighter DONE ! (6 times) Achievement: PVE Hero Achievement: PVE Champion DONE ! (1 times) Achievement: PVE Skilled DONE ! (2 times) Achievement: PVE Fighter DONE ! (22 times) Achievement: Loved DONE ! (4 times) Achievement: Liked DONE ! (28 times) Achievement: Appreciated DONE ! (8 times) Achievement: Someone likes you DONE ! (100 times) Achievement: Treasure Hunter Achievement: Treasure Hunter Runner Achievement: Treasure Hunter Competitor Achievement: Treasure Hunter Adventurer Achievement: Builder Achievement: Dungeon Completed DONE ! (2 times)



Number of items purchased: 20
Quantity of items purchased: 80


Number of items sold: 43
Quantity of items sold: 518

Largest transactions

Transaction Qty item Amount
sale 18  Iron Ore valued at 2284G$
sale 1  Ender Pearl valued at 2250G$
sale 1  Iron Door valued at 1314G$
sale 1  Potion of Weakness valued at 1267G$
purchase 1  Chicken Spawn Egg valued at 500G$
sale 1  Chicken Spawn Egg valued at 450G$
sale 26  Bone valued at 356G$
sale 5  Glass Bottle valued at 215G$
sale 29  Coal valued at 195G$
sale 1  Ink Sack valued at 137G$

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