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IP : pe.blocksandgold.com:19132

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Do /vote in-game to get your Reward (4 Diamonds and Gems !) - Give your name to be able to claim your reward !

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Scroll or Zoom the map. You can claim light grey territories - Double-Click on it !

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PVE Scoreboard of the week

Get PVE Points when you complete Parkours

Rank Player Kills Deaths Points
hayato2007425 (visitor) 0 0 935
steve51 (visitor) 0 0 300
nilk (visitor) 0 0 257
4 glub (visitor) 0 0 250
5 pawwwwwwwwwwwww (visitor) 0 0 225
6 mewtwo75 (visitor) 0 0 100

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