Server Staff : Recruitment

Operator and server manager

Role : As responsible for the server it ensures daily that it is in perfect working condition. Collect bugs, check the bugs reported and refer plugins developers and website. They can indeminser players in case of bugs suffered by their compensation policy. Tools: Operator (the blocks commands are active). Gamemode 1 (= give). Fly temporarily give to a player. WorldEdit. Regen chunks for repairs. Goals : Run the server and manage their team and their host community. CAUTION: If a player passes operator, it can no longer play as a player. It will not appear in the tables of scores, or earn more completions. It is not supposed to do PVP or PVE. It should not participate eg kill the Enderdragon. A tip: avoid making players Gamemode 1. Or with extreme caution. 


Role : Repair griefs, maintain help on the spawn, give access permission for joint work (communication channels). Tools: Ability to add players temporarily in an area to make repairs (/arena), remove a tower for example, or remove an insulting panel. Fly temporarily give a player (/ fly). Goals : A mode without visible griefs, a perfect spawn, assist owners in development through their involvement in-game. CAUTION: An admin cannot build his own territory and participate to contest !

Game Moderateur

Role : Make police report complaint, help beginners, recruit visitors, remember the rules of behavior and architecture. Direct non French players to EN server. Tools: / ban5 / ban60 / fail60. They have a command to make Global color ads (/ gm). Goals: To ensure that the bad mood is not installed on the server. Make the peaceful and beautiful server. Increase Visitor Conversion to Registered.

Event Moderator

Role : Organize events, organize joint structures (railways). Encourage players to initiate projects on the forum. Tools: They have a command to make announcements Global colors. There is also a command to spawn a pig to make games. They can manually restart the hungergame. Other commands follow. Goals: Animate. Motivate players to go hungergame, PVE, and participate in future events (treasure hunt), create treasure hunts. Ensure that the territories are connected to encourage visits territories. Find ideas for in-game players do not get bored and improve the retention of players already.


This is the only role in which you are not required to apply. For builder simply to want, and have the necessary financial resources (blocks and $ G). Any player can be time builder of a session or more to improve community infrastructure: roads, arenas spawn etc ... The admin can add the territories with a command-line time work. The player with built G $ in return he will be entitled to a plate in his name. Role: Built common space. Tools: your own resources or those of other builders pooled. Goals: Improve the overall architectural coherence of the world by performing the necessary work as directed by the Event Moderator.

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Name Rank Server Activities Last connexion
thaniel_ Administrator Blocks And Gold France Modérateur Serveur FR A long time ago...
bifag Administrator Blocks And Gold France Owner BlocksAndGold Main Dev Plugins and Website A long time ago...
LordBlock Administrator BlocksAndGold PE 2 A long time ago...
ronk22 Administrator Blocks And Gold France A long time ago...

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