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 /warp zone3867 or /warp Nitoblock

You have to be logged to claim a territory

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Add-on Better B&G - BlocksAndGold

Une nouvelle vidéo pour vous montrer mon add-on pour le site BlocksAndGold! Prochaine série, création de plugin 1.13 (La version sort normalement le 18, et ma série dans 2 ou 3 semaines (je pars en vac (ça fait beaucoup de parenthèses)))


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Intro: After Effect
Musique Intro: Tobu - Hope

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Owner and friends

Territory name

Change your territory name.
You can use also use this name with the TP or wrap command

Change your welcome message

"The Word of the day" or "Welcome message" is showed when a player enter in your territory.
Change it now !

/zone alias zone3867 Nitoblock

Note: This is a premium feature

Building Mode

Change the building mode on your territories

  • - CLASSIC: Friends can build on territory if the owner is connected to the server.
  • - COOPERATIVE: Friends can build on territory if there is at least 2 friends connected to the server.
  • - SHARED: Friends can build on territory even if he's the alone.
  • - CLOSED: Only the owner can build.

/zone category zone3867 0

Note: This is a premium feature


Enable or disable fly (for everybody) on your territory

/zone fly zone3867 true

Note: This is a premium feature


Adjust the maximum animals on this territory

  • - Each territory give you 20 animals slots
  • - A bonus code "animals" give you 100 more slots

/zone maxliving zone3867 100

Note: This is a premium feature


Enable or disable the PVP on your territory (Fight between players)

/zone pvp zone3867 1

Note: This is a premium feature


Adjust the redstone level on your territory.

  • - Each territory give you 2 redstone levels.
  • - A bonus code give you 2 more redstone levels.

/zone redstone zone3867 2

Note: This is a premium feature


Enable or disable the spawn command (/warp or /spawn) on your territory (free feature).
The premium feature let you choose the spawn coords

/zone spawn zone3867 -337,0,3265

Note: This is a premium feature

Youtube video

Add youtube video code to present your territory

For exemple, the code of a youtube video is in bold in:

Important: You have to add the text below in the video description

Get Gems

Convert your Youtube views to Gems

Get Likes

Convert your Youtube likes to Territory likes

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