Territories, the wilderness, the Far wilderness and ... The mushroom island ?

Minecraft Far Wilderness, where you sould find the mushroom island


The Territory : a protected place for you and your friends

Similar to region or towny famous plugins. Territories are visible on the dynmap.

You can buy them with Golds (our virtual currency) to own them !

From your account, you can view the list of your territories and invite your friends so they can access your territories.These territories are protected, no one except you and your guests can modify them, open the chests or the ovens.The use of leverage is also limited to the owners, the buttons are freely available.

Minecraft Territories for sale

click on the link to add it to your cart.

Territories are gathered inside islands.The Green Island, is the only one available for purchasing for the moment.

If you do not connect to the server during 100 days, your purchased territories on the White Island will be available again for all players.

The wilderness : No rules, collect blocks... and sell them, hunt creepers !

Hide yourself! (/dynmap hide) In the wilderness, there are no rules. No protection. No concept of ownership. This is the original Minecraft without any change (vanilla minecraft) - The Creepers explode ! No looting, theft, destruction, excessive use of dynamite will be punished (you're almost urged to do so;-))

If you just arrived on the server, if you do not have any friend inviting you into their territories, you will have no other choice but to explore the wilderness.You can start mining and growing. Sell ​​what you have collected, so you may quickly buy a territory ...

The Far Wilderness : Search and Find the Mushroom island !

You can go as far as you want ! But you must keep in mind, the far wilderness is reset every day during the maintenance stop (like the end). If you want to discover the world in the Far wilderness here are some advices :

  • put a bed in your bag
  • put a boat in your bag

To save your position use the bed ! And before quit, remeber to put back bed back to your inventory (and all your stuff), because, when you'll come back the next day, all will disapear (because of the reset)

  • NOTE : it's possible to buy at the bank if you are in the wild... if you think it's cheat, i can remove this feature ;-)
  • NOTE : i'll be cool to explore in 1.6, with the new horses


Find the Mushroom Island


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