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Post pictures of your Minecraft worlds or not (hmm...)

#20966 by Li323
22 Oct 2017 20:35
So I was thinking and I think for the people who r still playing Mcpe/Mw10 to take a video or a few screen shots and post then on this post or on a different one? I think it would be cool cause the servers down to so idk what to do I mean uhhh... shhh (I have school(SO MANY TESTS)

Good luck world!

Ps there a pole
#20967 by wafflay
23 Oct 2017 03:52
hey!!! if u still play you should play with mariah, steven, cacachile and i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! message me on discord, jeollie#5370
#20974 by Li323
05 Nov 2017 01:44
Yea uh for me discord is sorta broken (pc broken) but thx for tip made super cool world I’d love to show u
#20976 by Li323
05 Nov 2017 01:47
Will try to go on discord
#20987 by Li323
03 Dec 2017 03:28
Rafael_is_awsom wrote:
Li323 wrote:Will try to go on discord

Hows the good old Li323 called on discord? :) and Hellow

hi raf miss u by the way parents dont know about discord /: um plus can’t get it on phone also pc broken ): anyway hope ur good!

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