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#21002 by Orthero
07 Jan 2018 05:33
Since the PC ENG server is so messed up, I thought I'd try the PC FR server. Same under gear, right?
I made a homestead in the wilderness. So. Fine. Day. Night. Weather.
But then... There was a set of diamond armor in my inventory. With all the upgrades. Plus other stuff.
#21003 by Jared
07 Jan 2018 07:24
The only thing that makes sense is you walked into a pile of stuff and didn't notice. But the with all the upgrades part is confusing. A guy with enchanted armor died there, with diamond armor and 'other stuff'?


edit: It seems you know what happened. You never said it was just in one of your chests. Try to include more details when reporting things. 8-)
#21004 by Pergola
12 Jan 2018 04:32
Somebody likes you!
#21011 by Pergola
03 Feb 2018 06:42
Say, Orthero --- I think I found your mystery guy. Do you know TAVENEAU? I was looking into some of the active players on the FR server and he has you listed as a friend.
#21012 by Orthero
03 Feb 2018 06:52
Uh, I met him briefly. He was building at a furious rate and didn't stop to chat. I tried to lend a hand, but I don't think I was much help. But I guess he approved of me. Enough to track down my base and put that nifty gear in my chests (not my inventory). Including 9 diamond blocks.
I really need to thank him.

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