Technical problems and other oddities you notice. Help us to fix.
#20970 by Orthero
30 Oct 2017 08:41
The day/night cycle is broken on Pc-Eng. It's always morning.
So you can't go monster hunting at night, or reset your spawn point by sleeping in a bed.

In other news---
I'm glad to see Lord Block has not been kidnapped by aliens and is aware of problems with the servers.
Can he please fix some of the problems in this thread?
#20971 by Jared
30 Oct 2017 16:14
I set the time to night, lets see what happens. There doesn't seem to be a command to stop the time at all, so I don't know what's causing it.

#20972 by Orthero
03 Nov 2017 04:42
Well, it's no longer 'Morning in Philadelphia'---
It's perpetual night. I had some... -interesting- monster encounters in the wilderness.
Now the moon doesn't move -- or the clouds.
#20973 by Jared
04 Nov 2017 09:32
It looks like the time is frozen, but there is no command to stop(or resume) the time. I'll look at it more later.

#20977 by Pergola
06 Nov 2017 06:52
It's cool for hunting monsters, not so good for sight-seeing.
Maybe you could change it once a week?
#20978 by Jared
06 Nov 2017 08:35
Sure, I'll do what I can. That is a good idea though, I'll set it to day this week.


edit: I'm having trouble with my launcher, won't be able to set it to night today, will try to fix it tomorrow.

Set it to night. Happy Thanksgiving soon! Any ideas for it?
#20984 by Orthero
25 Nov 2017 04:43
Night now. Fine. I'm Ok with changing it once a week. Just as long as it isn't stuck.
Can I say I'm thankful for having you here?

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