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#17817 by Steel_Nightmare
02 Mar 2016 06:28
Hey Everyone,

I have to start by saying I love MineworksAnimations. I haven't seen all of their videos, but I find many of their videos sync up with my own ideas and feelings about Minecraft.

One of their other videos is my favorite Minecraft song animation, but that one has some minor cussing in it so I haven't posted that one even though I wanted to.

This one seems to be clean as far as I can tell.

It expresses pretty much how I feel about the PE1 server right now.

I really hope that the community can find a way to come together and restore the wilderness maybe some kind of Minecraft Earth Day or something like that.


#18940 by Jared
23 Apr 2016 05:15
This song has a nice meaning to it. Thank You for posting this.

#20764 by Steel_Nightmare
07 Apr 2017 02:58
Thinking about Earth Day coming up and all of that got me thinking about this video again and I remembered this post as well as the other Earth Day stuff from last year. I figured I'd post here to bring this post back to the forefront too.

Maybe inspire some others too.

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