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#20522 by Jared
23 Dec 2016 23:45
Right now, the English PC server has the current staff: (Will try to keep updated)
Redsnowks - admin
GordyJH - admin (op)
PlazaLord(me) -admin
killviner1876 - admin
QrowRWBY - Event Mod.

Redsnow said he couldn't get on because of school and computer issues. Hopefully, he will be active soon. We need some staff, people who mainly play PC. Please no PE players apply, this is for the PC server. Here are the positions, in the order you apply:
1) Event Moderator
Can broadcast an EM message every x minutes
Starts events at any time, manually:
/bag_events or /event
Eg: /bag_events event_treasurehunter
And they can spawn a horse, minecart, or boat via /autominecart
2) Game Moderator
All EM commands
Ban players or IPS for 60 or 5 minutes
Mute chat globally
3) Admin
All EM and GM commands
They DO NOT play! Build spawn, parkours, help players, etc.
Have /gamemode and /fly.
Add/Remove warps, edit certain things of zones(people added, build mode, name, wotd, and fly. Admins may change the gamemode of Gmods and add them to territories to help them build. Eg. Spawn.
They can also make portals to lobby server, Fr server, En server, wilderness, hunger games, and arena. /portal
Give achievements.
Build anywhere

Source: (http://www.blocksandgold.com/en/command-list/)
There is only ONE op per server! Op is for command blocks and worldedit. There is no world edit right now on any server.

You apply in order of 1-3. I would like more staff, so PC players please apply. Here is the application : http://www.blocksandgold.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=85&t=2309
#20667 by Jared
21 Jan 2017 03:32
GordyJH wrote:I suggest killviner1876 for EM he has been on the server for as long as I have.

I would be glad to meet him, could you have him apply?

#20673 by Jared
22 Jan 2017 21:12
GordyJH wrote:Yes I will let him know first thing!

I looked at his player sheet, he meets the requirements to apply. I hope to see him soon.

#20681 by Pergola
25 Jan 2017 06:33
I'm glad to hear RedSnowKS hasn't dropped off the face of the earth. I'd like to see him on again.
It's like playing Single Player Survival around here.

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