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As with the pumpkin, a Jack 'o' Lantern can be placed anywhere as long as the block directly beneath it is not air, glass, ice, glowstone or any form of fluid; thus, they can be placed at the bottom of lakes or oceans, allowing the user to easily explore underwater areas. However, it will remain in place if you remove the block below it after placing it. They emit light in every direction and the face does not need to be visible to emit light, so it can be very useful in creating hidden lights. Jack 'o' Lanterns produce the same amount of light (level 15) and share the same ability to stay lit underwater as glowstone, making them more effective and more reliable than torches. Jack 'o' Lanterns will also melt Snow and Ice. When attempting to push a Jack 'o' Lantern with a piston, it will break and drop as a resource. Jack 'o' Lanterns can also be used to make a Snow Golem and an Iron Golem, although golems made in this way are no different, aesthetically or functionally, from golems made with regular pumpkins.

Comment fabriquer l'objet Citrouille d'halloween ?

  • Citrouille Minecraft id 86
  • Torche Minecraft id 50
1 x image minecraft Citrouille d'halloweenCitrouille d'halloween

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