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A pumpkin is an uncommon block that appears on grass in a similar manner to mushrooms but does not spread. They are found most commonly in mountain and plain biomes, but can also appear in sandy, snow covered, and forest regions, albeit rarely. They can appear in swamp biomes, and are found alone or in groups. It is possible to farm pumpkins in the same way as melons; planted pumpkin seeds grow into a central stem that grows until it reaches its maximum size, at which point pumpkins will randomly spawn in vacant dirt/grass next to the stem. Seeds can be found in abandoned mine shafts or crafted from a pumpkin. Pumpkins can currently only be found with a carved face. It was originally stated by Notch that they were to be found and then subsequently carved by crafting. Instead, pumpkins can be crafted into jack 'o' lanterns (see below). Jeb has stated that pumpkins may eventually spawn uncarved.[1] Harvested pumpkins can be equipped as a helmet without any actual armor value. It is unique in that it limits the player's view of the world as if it were seen from inside the pumpkin. The pumpkin helmet can be removed and placed into the player's inventory. Although it has no armor value, it can be a serious help during nighttime expeditions: When worn as a helmet, the player may look directly at Endermen without consequences, making it useful for going outside at night. However, due to the limited visibility that the pumpkin mask has, it can be a serious drawback to your ability to effectively spot and engage other mobs. The limited visibility may be modified or removed by the use of texture packs or third person view. Pumpkins cannot be placed without a block under them. However, you can place them and remove the block directly beneath and it will remain in place. This reveals that the bottom texture is the same as the top. When placed, pumpkins automatically face the player. When a pumpkin is pushed by a piston it breaks. It also cannot be pulled by a sticky piston. Pumpkins can be used to make Snow Golems and Iron Golems by stacking 2 blocks of snow/iron, (and also 2 blocks of iron to the side for Iron Golems) and then placing a pumpkin on top as the head.

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