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Llamas spawn naturally in savanna (plateau variant) and extreme hills biomes, in herds of four or five and typically on top of hills. Their wool colors often depend on what biome they are in. Llamas can spawn with one of four different skins. This will either be brown, creamy, gray, or white. They are 0.9 blocks wide and 1.87 blocks tall. Llamas can be tamed similarly to horses. They can be tamed by right clicking on the llama until it shows hearts, however, even when tamed, the player can't control their movements when riding them. However, a lead can be attached to one, and when this happens, surrounding llamas (both tamed and un-tamed) will follow, making a caravan. A caravan can have up to ten llamas in it, including babies. Even though only ten llamas can be in a caravan, leashing a second llama forms a second caravan. Using this feature, a player can lead as many llamas as they want. Llamas are neutral, and if a player or mob attacks one, it will spit at the attacker once, dealing 1 (Half Heart.svg) damage. They are hostile to untamed wolves, and will spit at them without provocation. Sometimes when they spit at a wolf or player they can start a fight within a group of llamas by accidentally hitting each other. Llamas will tend to repel wolves with their spitting, depending on their strength value. For llamas with strength 4 and 5, wolves will always run away,[2] and for weaker llamas, wolves will run away correspondingly less often. Llamas won't attack tamed wolves (dogs) unless provoked.

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