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Parrots spawn naturally in Jungle biomes. Parrots come in five different colors: red, green, blue, cyan and gray. The lime parrot is believed to be modeled after a Mexican Green conure, the red parrot resembles a Scarlet Macaw, the cyan parrot looks like a blue-and-gold macaw, the blue parrot resembles a Hyacinth Macaw, and the gray parrot is similar to a cockatiel or a yellow-crested cockatoo. Parrots are passive mobs, and will never attack, even if provoked. They are able to fly, and will usually fly upwards if struck. They will fly under normal conditions, but they can "tire"[1] and return to the ground. Parrots crowd and settle around other nearby mobs, including neutral and hostile mobs. If they end up in water, they will swim by flapping their wings. Parrots may also imitate the idle sounds of hostile mobs nearby (including the hiss of creepers for example); they have a detection range of 20 blocks (cubical). The sound produced by the parrots are simply the same sound with a higher pitch. They tend to look in the direction of the mob they are mimicking.

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